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Our background is in Marketing and Social Media for bands in the Music Business as well as small businesses, which we helped grow using bespoke Digital Marketing and Social Media.


Our Director Denise Dale is an expert on Digital Marketing, Social Media and Branding. She is a graduate of the National Film and Television School (NFTS), which allows our in-house photography and videography teams to create first-class, quality photos and videos. She also has a degree in Marketing and Business, which allows us to understand your Company on all levels. 

We understand that every company has a unique and individual set of needs and aims, so we tailor our Social Media and Digital Marketing services to you in order to help grow your company. We want to watch you thrive!

Our team combine craftsmanship with out-of-the-box thinking to deliver a wide range of Digital

Marketing and Awareness solutions on a local, national and worldwide scale for our clients! We help you with both the creativity needed to take your brand to the next level and the technical skills to put that into practice. 


 We know the importance of Digital Marketing and Social Media: it helps humanise your brand.

 We value forming a human connection with you when you share information about your business, to help make your business better known to new and existing customers.

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